VMI Somatic Practice
Educational Program

With Patricia Bardi

Program Overview

Vocal Dance – Voice Movement Integration – Somatic Practice – Vital Movement Integration – Bodywork


VMI Somatic Practice Certification Program is accredited by KTNO as a licensed natural health practitioner through BATC for health insurance coverage in the Netherlands and as a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator by ISMETA – International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association.

The program is approved by the CRKBO (Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs) as a European professional educational program & continues to be BTW free.

...highly professional, convincing...

Jaana Klevering

The VMI Somatic Movement Educational Program is a holistic approach developing skills connecting dance, movement, active breath, voice, improvisation, touch, guided physical repatterning and bodywork practice.
VMI is an integrative holistic approach built upon the dual function of insight and self-awareness to bring the whole self to the moment of expression.

Through the VMI Somatic Practice approach integration becomes a coherent awareness connecting body, mind and emotion as an embodied, felt experience—vivid, present, alive—illuminating a wellspring of self-knowledge and creativity with an aligned and healthy body fully connected to its inner sources.

The training program offers clearly defined practices to become skilled practitioners in the fields of creative practice with voice & movement, somatic movement therapy/education and natural health practice and wellness.


I feel well nourished, in a relaxed state with wide brain and deep voice. The work satisfied a need to engage physically in a precise yet organic way.

Celia Little
(shiatsu practitioner & educator, UK)

The training incorporates Patricia Bardi’s innovative work involving:

Vocal Dance

A creative practice that frees the voice to be fully alive and reflected in one's expressive vitality and movement.

Voice Movement Integration (VMI) Somatic Practice

An integrative somatic practice actively combining voice and movement with the deepening process of bodywork to stimulate and organize the body’s physical-perceptual-emotional awareness.

Vital Movement Integration (VMI) Bodywork

A gentle, precise hands-on holistic approach that employs sensitive touch, guided movement, breath and sound. VMI Bodywork addresses imbalances in the nervous system as it interacts with the neuromuscular, skeletal, organ and endocrine systems. This approach connects body, mind and emotions bringing a renewed sense of equilibrium and well being through the entire body.


The VMI Somatic Practice program is intended for people working professionally, studying or showing interest in the fields of movement therapy & education, the performing arts, body oriented therapy (physical and psychological), speech therapy, child education and natural health and wellness. People who enjoy a genuine curiosity and passion for learning will find it of great interest.

Participants have applied this work successfully to dance, music and voice, theater, child development, movement therapy & education, natural health practice, physical therapy, speech therapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, yoga, pilates and health & wellness programs.

It is absolutely gorgeous how much the experience has opened up my awareness of my postural habits and holding. I feel significantly more open (physically and emotionally) ever since. It really is remarkable.

Mary Jo Gilligan
(VMI Somatic Certification Program participant, artist, Ireland)

Participating in a Vocal Dance & VMI training was moving, inspiring and a great learning experience.

Zeynep Bulut
(musicologist, singer & sound artist, Lecturer in Music at King’s College, London)


VMI Somatic Practitioners

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