VMI Somatic Practice
Certification Program


Aims Patricia offers the VMI Somatic Practice Certification Program combining Vocal Dance, Voice Movement Integration (VMI) Somatic Practice & Vital Movement Integration (VMI) Bodywork. The entire curriculum consists of six modules. Upon completion of the foundation course of 25 days subsequent modules can be taken in a sequence or at flexible times.

The program is professionally accredited by the KTNO as a full HBO college level training as Licensed Natural Health Practitioner through the BATC for health insurance coverage & ISMETA — International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association as Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator. It has been audited & approved by the CRKBO (Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs) as a European professional educational program & continues to be BTW free.

Upon completion of the entire curriculum which consists of six modules, participants have acquired the knowledge and experience to become qualified practitioners of VMI Somatic Practice fulfilling the requirements to become registered somatic movement therapists/educators and licensed natural health practitioners.



Module 1

Module I consisting of 175 hours is the foundation course where participants gain an active, experiential knowledge of the somatic principles and techniques involved in the practice of Vocal Dance and VMI & Bodywork Practice. After the completion of the first module participants continue to work more deeply on their integration, and learn in more refined detail the principles and practices of Vocal Dance and VMI & Bodywork Practice.

At least one of the following modules is presented each year and can be taken in any order towards completion of the whole curriculum.

Module 2

  • Fluids and Glandular Systems
  • Hands-on Physical Repatterning Practice
  • Vocal Dance and Improvisation

Total: 125 hours

Module 3

  • The Neurological Reflexes & Movement Sequencing & Repatterning
  • The Nervous System
  • The Craniosacral System
  • Combining Body Systems with Postural Integration & Vocal Alignment
  • Vocal Dance & Improvisation

Total: 125 hours

Module 4

  • Advanced Anatomy of the Voice & Vocal Alignment
  • Understanding of the Eye and Ear in Perception
  • Skeletal-Muscular System
  • Vocal Dance & Improvisation

Total: 120 hours

Module 5

  • Counseling approaches & techniques applied to Bodywork Practices & Somatic Movement Education

Total: 42 hours

Module 6

  • Combining Body Systems with Postural Integration & Vocal Alignment
  • Hands-on & Physical Repatterning Practice
  • Final Creative Project

Total: 75 hours

Requirements for Completion
of VMI Training Program


A Individual Sessions – 10 Hours

Each participant must complete at least 5 individual sessions with Patricia over the course of the training.

B Case Studies

When participating in Module 2, 3 & 4 each student is required to work with 3 people for a total of 5 one hour individual sessions and write a brief evaluation of each session with a final written assessment of the entire process. Participants design a standard evaluation form to be used for documenting the sessions.

C Professional Profile and Aims

Defining the aims of their professional application of the training by writing a description of the ways they plan to implement the training in their professional life.

D Creative Project

Each person evaluates and presents a fully developed creative work concerning their experiences generated by the VMI training program.

Total Certification Program Hours: 672 hours



Schedule 2017–2018

Offered to people who have completed at least
the first year of the training program.

Module 3 - Conduits of Communication

Fri 13 October – Tues 17 October 2017
Focus 1: The Neurological Reflexes & Movement Sequencing
Fri 19 January – Tue 23 January 2018
Focus 2: The Nervous System
Fri 16 March – Tue 20 March 2018
Focus 3: The Craniosacral System
Focus 4: Voice, Sound Image & Language
Fri 18 May – Tue 22 May 2018
Focus 5: Combining Body Systems with Postural Integration & Vocal Alignment


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We are available to answer any of your questions and give an overview of the format and content of the training.

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