Complaints Procedure
Patricia Bardi Courses
VMI Somatic Practice Certification Program

  1. Upon receipt of a student’s dated & written complaint, they will receive a response from Patricia Bardi within 2 weeks.
  2. All complaints will be handled in a confidential manner by Patricia Bardi.
  3. After this 2 week period, a complaint needs to be resolved within another 2 weeks. If this is not enough time then the student needs to be informed within mentioned period when it will take longer.
  4. Should the resolution take longer than 2 weeks Patricia Bardi will give a time period in which a resolution can be found.
  5. ISMETA, the third party will be contacted when the client is still not happy with the settlement of the complaint at:
  6. The decision of ISMETA is binding for Patricia Bardi. All consequences will be dealt with in due time.
  7. All complaints procedures are filed & kept for 2 years from the date of the original complaint procedure.