Active Breath Somatic Practice – A live-stream, dynamic and interactive training program

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“Your voice is a living resonance moving actively through your entire body”

Active Breath Somatic Practice
A live-stream, dynamic, and interactive training program
Patricia Bardi
Founder of Voice Movement Integration (VMI),
a Somatic Practice Certification Program accredited by ISMETA,
based on 40 years of research and development,
interfacing creative practice and integrative somatic movement and bodywork.

MODULE 5: Autonomic Nervous System and Vagus Nerve

Monday 7 June ’21 till 5 July ’21 at 10 am CET

The Nervous System  – detects and responds to all subtle and profound changes inside and outside of the body. Stimulation of the nervous system creates an immediate response to the effort and modulation of stress and relaxation in the body that affects our physical, emotional, and cognitive responses. 
Looking specifically at the Autonomic Nervous System and its relationship to the vagus nerve and organs system to help refine and clarify the interaction of intention and attention in our awareness, homeostatic balance, and perceptual-motor coordination. Cultivating the fluid dynamic between inner and outer focus through active listening in our breath, voice, and movement.

Overall program: Ten modules of five weekly 1.5 hour classes.
Each module focusing on a different body system.

Plus additional weekly small group tutorials to deepen understanding.

Subscribers unable to attend live class can access the uploaded version.

“Patricia Bardi was a major person in the early development of BMC from 1973 – 1986. She took the seeds and grew her own forest”
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen – founder of Body-Mind Centering

Active Breath is an innovative somatic practice focused on integrating our awareness of the intrinsic connection between body, mind, and emotions through our physical/sensory experience of our breath, voice, and movement.

It is a practical approach for cultivating and deepening your embodiment skills, building resilience, and developing conscious attention in your daily lived experience.

Benefits of Active Breath Somatic Practice

Active Breath is an in-depth somatic practice that provides more insight and refined skills to:
• perceive your physical awareness and body presence in more detail.
• influence and positively affect your postural tone, balance, and coordination.
• develop your whole-body breathing with more ease.
• embody the physical support for the resonance of your voice.
• align your feeling for rhythm and flow by actively engaging sound in your movement.
• bring a richer, more attentive dialogue into your understanding and sense of self.

What People Are Saying

“I definitely notice a consistent buoyancy and vitality that comes from doing a session with you.  My voice feels effortless and the breath feels like it is organically integrated throughout my body, as opposed to the mechanical approach that often comes with formal vocal training.”

Julia Jamison, Theater and Voice Professor

“I’m really enjoying the sessions, adding layers of sensation and details, making so rich every movement and sound. The space I can create in my body through the sessions stays with me in a beautiful way in my everyday posture and breathing. There’s subtlety and strength to a renewed perception of myself and my movement.”

Inalu Antoli, Somatic Movement Therapist, Yoga Teacher

• Please contact Patricia at to receive further information about registering and paying for a module and be forwarded to the online link to participate in the classes.