Five nature-oriented principles
The consultation is based on the five principles of naturopathic therapy

My treatments offer a holistic somatic process using touch, breath awareness, body awareness, movement and sound to guide the client towards a deeper contact with the interaction of their body, mind and emotions.

The five principles of holistic naturopathic therapy include:


The living presence of energy in the body on a cellular level is vibratory and fluid in nature.
In my treatments, I evaluate with listening hands the balance and vitality of each major chakra as an energy center that is associated with a major nerve plexus, organ and endocrine gland aligned along the vertical core of the body from coccyx to head.

As energy centers, the chakras are involved in bringing the flow of subtle energy into the body and transforming this energy into physical awareness affecting hormonal, physiological and fundamental cellular changes in the body.

From this evaluation, I work with the client’s attention, physical awareness and breath to guide and restore their energetic vitality and internal balance. I give the client guidelines on how to observe & engage with their experience during the session and in relationship to their everyday life.

Body/Mind Communication Network

The nervous system detects and responds to all subtle and profound changes inside and outside the body. Stimulation of the nervous system creates an immediate response to the effort and modulation of stress and relaxation in the body that can affect physical, mental and emotional responses.

There is a constant interplay of communication between conscious and subconscious functions in the nervous system as we respond to internal changes in the body and external stimuli affecting daily life.

In chronic conditions of ill health, the sensory-motor organization of the nervous system can be overstimulated and inhibited. In this condition, the matrix of body, mind and emotional experience can have varying degrees of stress, tension, discomfort, postural rigidity, inhibition of breath and organ and gland imbalances.

With my techniques, I work in-depth on the physiological level of these underlying conditions and aim to restore and bring balance and vitality to the body, calmness to the mind and refresh the client’s sense of wellbeing.


A vibrant and robust fluid lymph flow can help to restore a healthy vitality and sense of wellbeing.

The lymphatic circulatory system enables the immune system on a cellular level to break down potentially harmful substances, viruses, and bacteria defending the body against infection and disease.

The lymph and venous blood flow are intrinsically aligned in removing toxic waste substances from the body. This toxicity creates a large presence of proteins in the body tissue that needs to be filtered by the lymph when it can not be absorbed via the venous flow.

My treatments include manual lymph drainage along with mobilizing the movement of the skeletal muscle and fascia, enhancing the peristaltic movement of the intestines and guiding a deeper more sustained breathing. All of these practices enhance the movement of lymph from the periphery of the limbs as it returns via the venous flow to the heart.


In a healing process, the restorative capacity of the body needs to be optimized through detoxifying the cells and maintaining good nutrition.

The human body is constantly replacing and regenerating cells to maintain responsive, efficient functioning vital to good health. Quality of food, consumption of water, circulation of blood and oxygen through breathing exercises and periods of constructive rest in an active daily life all contribute to sustaining a healthy, nourished body and mind.

I encourage the client to become aware of their daily habits, cycles of rest and recuperation and foods and offer suggestions on how to improve their daily habits and health.

Psychosomatic Wellbeing

On a physiological level, the body, mind and emotions work in synergy as an integrated communication system.
My treatment aims is to help the client dialogue with their bodily awareness to bring a level of understanding and insight into the symptoms causing pain, discomfort, tension and dysfunction in their lives.

During a treatment, relaxing the client’s attention into the internal state of their body allows repetitive patterns of holding in their bodily experience to become less fixated and rigid.

The client’s awareness can become more open and aware of the potential for change that allows new pathways of physical ease, personal growth and psychological insight to be developed.

This change in perception reignites the clients capacity for self-healing – the natural reorganization of the body to restore normal mobility and well tuned physiological functioning.