~ Embodying the Voice While Moving ~ at the TICTAC Art Centre

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Embodying the Voice While Moving at TICTAC Art Centre, Brussels

Workshop – February 13 – 17 2023
Time – 14:30 – 18:30 pm
Course Fee – €200
Early Booking is recommended – Space is limited

Book this workshop directly through TICTAC Art Centre at:
Email: info@tictacartcentre.com

About the workshop:
Developing emotive power and physical presence are essential tools for the performer. The body is the vehicle for bringing vocal resonance, articulation, and nuance into a whole-body movement experience. Developing our breath awareness through actively moving enhances our vocal presence and engages our body awareness with more vitality and expressive detail. This helps to build an active, inspired dialogue in experiencing and developing our communication skills and expression in life and in our creativity.

The workshop combines vocal expression with physical movement to deepen awareness and awaken perception in ways that foster transformation. Participants will use vocal and physical practices to explore the skeletal, organ, and fluid systems as a source for discovering the resonance of sound in a whole-body movement experience. From this sense of physical connection, we will move into interacting with sounds coming from physical gestures and fluctuating rhythms.

We will engage with sound and language through improvisation opening up the space inside ourselves, in partners, in ensemble interaction, and in a shared circle of sound & rhythm.

Bringing the body into a felt sense of awareness provides fertile ground for bringing vocal presence into a whole-body experience that supports our capacity to communicate and enhance our performance skills. Our expression begins to converge & navigate through uncharted territory refreshing our relationship to our creativity and sense of aliveness.

What people said about my last workshop at Tictac Art Centre:

 “I felt that this method/way of seeing the connection between body and voice as different “devices”, but interconnected as extensions of the Self, that they can help and follow each other in an infinite dialogue; has been a complete EXPERIENCE.”

~ Sofia Alonso Wilson journalist, writer, and sings

“Patricia takes us to places that the brain does not understand. The voice and the body are brought to work together, gently and help us to connect to this deep presence within us. A work to connect to our impulses, to what the body and the voice wish to express beyond what our head would like. We find ourselves on stage in improvisation with these others who become allies and with whom there are strong exchanges. Deep working together.”

~ Marine Mehri – singer/performer/midwife

Book this workshop directly through TICTAC Art Centre at: