Opening the Potential Space of Skeletal Joints – Intro Day – Sunday 24 October ’21

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Cultivating a sense of fluidity and spaciousness within the skeletal joint structures gives the entire body a feeling of effortlessness and stability in action. The skeletal joints are essential in providing balance and clarity of initiation in our movement sequences.

This workshop combines Active Breath, integrative somatic movement, hands-on bodywork practice and guided physical repatterning skills for facilitating another person’s perceptual awareness in actively aligning their skeletal structure within their body presence.

Time & Location
Sunday 24 October ’21
4Bid Gallery Space, OT 301, Amsterdam
10:00 – 17:00

We are following all of the regulations for Covid – 19 to offer a safe and clean environment for a small group to join this in-person workshop. 

These intro days are offered as a taster experience for people who are interested in VMI Somatic Practice.



Combining In-Person and Online Classes

VMI Somatic Practice combines vocal expression with physical movement to deepen awareness and awaken perception in ways that foster personal change and empower transformation. Developing our body presence through actively using breath and movement informs our sense of awareness in how and what we want to communicate.

Each introductory workshop focuses on different aspects of VMI Somatic Practice that incorporate principles of Active Breath, embodied anatomy, sensory awareness, movement in space, hands-on bodywork, and guided physical re-patterning. Improvisation structures are introduced, combining vocal, physical, visual, temporal, and rhythmic elements to amplify creativity in an ensemble experience.

The workshops are for anyone interested in improving their health and vitality while becoming more confident in embodying their voice, enhancing their physical and emotional awareness, and creatively feeling a sense of aliveness in a moving and flowing body. 

They are of particular interest to movement practitioners, bodyworkers, massage therapists,  somatic coaches, educators, body-oriented therapists, dancers, singers, actors, coaches, facilitators, and public speakers.

VMI Somatic Practice is an innovative interdisciplinary somatic approach combining Vocal Dance, Voice Movement Integration, and Vital Movement Integration Bodywork. For more than 25 years, the VMI Somatic Practice Educational Program, founded and directed by Patricia Bardi, has been centered in Amsterdam.

Workshop Fee: €100.- euro – Early Bird Discount €75.- euro with payment made by 12 October ’21


When you join the new VMI Somatic Practice Certification Program starting in November ’21 than 30% of your workshop payment will go towards your course fee for the VMI training program.

For further information and registration please contact:


When your travel requirements are limited for attending an Intro Day, Patricia is available to set up a Zoom appointment to discuss your participation in the program.