Organ Rebalancing
Advanced Bodywork Practitioner Program

For licensed natural health practitioners, physical therapists, manual therapists & somatic movement therapists.

Organ Rebalancing is accredited by the KTNO as a postgraduate continuing education bijschooling training and recognized by the LVNG, VBAG and BATC—natural health practitioner professional associations in the Netherlands.

Organ Rebalancing is a light, precise bodywork technique that integrates the awareness of the organs into a whole-body movement experience. The hands-on practice guides the internal organs regaining normal mobility and tone, as it supports the vital balance of the skeletal structure and nervous system. It facilitates deeper more balanced breathing and improves postural integration. This approach helps connect body, mind and emotions and brings a renewed sense of well-being through the entire body.


Patricia Bardi’s Organ Rebalancing is highly significant to osteopathic visceral therapy.

Dr. Rudolf Merkel
M.D., pediatrician, founder director of Schule fur Craniosacrale Osteopathie, Zurich

The principles and practices introduced combine hands-on practice and physical repatterning skills with an active approach to movement and sound. Content of the course includes:

  • Practicing movement sequences, breathing and sound to generate awareness of the organs as a supporting and moving force in the body.
  • Sensing an organ’s physical and movement presence in relationship to the surrounding organs and skeletal support.
  • Reviewing the 3 Dimensional Organ Grid to locate specifically the placement of each organ in the torso in relationship to the skeletal system.
  • Following specific guidelines & protocols using touch, perception & physical repatterning to clarify, evaluate, assess and rebalance an organ’s mobility & motility.
  • Developing Active Breath to integrate breathing with movement and sound in working actively with the organ system.


The entire training consists of 4 Modules of 4 days each from 10:00 – 17:00 for a total of 16 days covering:

Module 1
4 days/32 hours
Small intestines, lungs, liver, bladder
Module 2
4 days/32 hours
Large intestines, kidneys, ovaries/uterus & seminal vesicles/prostate
Module 3
4 days/32 hours
Gall bladder, stomach, pancreas, spleen
Module 4
4 days/32 hours
Advanced Practices and Integration

  • Esophagus, heart
  • Observation & Evaluation – provides a protocol for evaluating & assessing the integration of the entire organs system in each of the 4 quadrants of the torso.
  • Define the complementary relationship between Organ Rebalancing, skeletal structural support and the autonomic nervous system.
  • Integrate the organs with the postural balance applying physical repatterning methods to stimulate an integrative balanced vital whole body movement experience.


Follow up supervision is offered to practitioners—individually and in small groups—to refine, develop and review the application of Organ Rebalancing in their practice. One day supervision days are offered 3 times during the year and can be arranged individually as requested.

Organ Rebalancing Practitioner
Certification Requirements

Total Course Hours for all 4 Modules is 128 hours.

  • Module 1, 2 & 3 can be taken independently and in any order as short courses of 32 hours each. All 3 basic courses need to be taken to participate in Module 4 - Advanced Practices & Integration to complete the full advanced practitioner course in Organ Rebalancing for a total of 128 hours.
  • Individual & group supervision is provided for participants integrating Organ Rebalancing in their complimentary health practice. Participants are encouraged to have one individual session after each module for their own personal integration & understanding of the practice.
  • Case Studies - participants are required to work with 3 people individually for 2 sessions for a total of 6 after each module for an overall total of 24 sessions practicing the bodywork protocols & practices presented in the 4 modules of the course. A written summary for each case study is required.
  • Designing an evaluation form for Organ Rebalancing individual sessions.
  • Four personal individual sessions are required in Organ Rebalancing with the teacher to complete Organ Rebalancing Practitioner Certification.


Each year 2 Organ Rebalancing modules are offered. The entire certification program of 4 modules is spread out over 2 years for practitioners to have time to develop and apply Organ Rebalancing in their practice. Ongoing supervision follow up days are encouraged and are offered for one day 2 or 3 times per year.

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Next Organ Rebalancing course: Sat 16 Feb - Sun 17 Feb , 2019

10:00 am – 17:30 pm each day
Location: VMI Center
Cost: EUR 200,- early bird discount EUR 150.- payment before 15 Jan, 2019

Module 1
2 days/16 hours
Focus on: Introductory course combining hands-on practice and physical repatterning skills with an active, expressive approach to breath, movement and voice..

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