VMI Somatic Practice
Certification Program

With Patricia Bardi

Program Overview

Vocal Dance – Voice Movement Integration – Somatic Practice – Vital Movement Integration – Bodywork


VMI Somatic Practice Certification Program is accredited to be a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator by ISMETA – International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association.


...highly professional, convincing...

Jaana Klevering

The Voice Movement Integration (VMI) Somatic Practice Certification Program is a holistic approach to developing skills connecting dance, movement, active breath, voice, improvisation, touch, guided physical repatterning, and bodywork practice.

VMI is an integrative holistic approach built upon the dual function of insight and self-awareness to bring the whole self to the moment of expression.

Through the VMI Somatic Practice approach, integration becomes a coherent awareness connecting body, mind, and emotion as an embodied, felt experience—vivid, present, alive—illuminating a wellspring of self-knowledge and creativity with an aligned and healthy body fully connected to its inner sources.

The training program offers clearly defined practices to become skilled practitioners in the fields of creative practice with voice & movement, somatic movement therapy and education, and holistic naturopathic bodywork practice.


I feel well nourished, in a relaxed state with wide brain and deep voice. The work satisfied a need to engage physically in a precise yet organic way.

Celia Little
(shiatsu practitioner & educator, UK)

The training incorporates Patricia Bardi’s innovative work involving:

Vocal Dance

A creative practice that frees the voice to be fully alive and reflected in one's expressive vitality and movement.

Voice Movement Integration (VMI) Somatic Practice

An integrative somatic practice actively combining voice and movement with the deepening process of bodywork to stimulate and organize the body’s physical-perceptual-emotional awareness.

Vital Movement Integration (VMI) Bodywork

A gentle, precise hands-on holistic approach that employs sensitive touch, guided movement, breath and sound. VMI Bodywork addresses imbalances in the nervous system as it interacts with the neuromuscular, skeletal, organ and endocrine systems. This approach connects body, mind and emotions bringing a renewed sense of equilibrium and well being through the entire body.


The VMI Somatic Practice program is intended for people working professionally, studying, or showing interest in the fields of movement therapy, education, the performing arts, body-oriented therapy (physical and psychological), speech therapy, child education and natural health and wellness. People who enjoy a genuine curiosity and passion for learning will find it of great interest.

Participants have applied this work successfully to dance, music and voice, theater, child development, movement therapy, education, natural health practice, physical therapy, speech therapy, body-oriented psychotherapy, voice coaching, yoga, Pilates and health & wellness programs.

It is absolutely gorgeous how much the experience has opened up my awareness of my postural habits and holding. I feel significantly more open (physically and emotionally) ever since. It really is remarkable.

Mary Jo Gilligan
(VMI Somatic Certification Program participant, artist, Ireland)

Participating in a Vocal Dance & VMI training was moving, inspiring and a great learning experience.

Zeynep Bulut
(musicologist, singer & sound artist, Lecturer in Music at King’s College, London)


VMI Somatic Practitioners

  • Johnny

    Johnny Schoofs


    Marcantilaan 253
    1051 NC Amsterdam
    Mobile: +31 0641766181


    Johnny Schoofs is a professional dance artist and somatic movement coach. He is fascinated by how movement reflects our personality and recognises the body and the arts as a creative key to personal transformation. His workshops are firmly grounded in the VMI Practice, the Feldenkrais method and the Tamalpa Life/Art Process®. He is a staff teacher Creative Development through Improvisation & Composition at Codarts Dance in Education and Havo/Vwo Dance in Rotterdam. He teaches public workshops around creativity and personal development. And gives individual hands-on movement sessions to the young top musicians of the Sweelinck Academy in Amsterdam.

  • Zilla P1020534

    Zilla Kooy


    Spaarneweg 9, 4105GP Culemborg


    VMI Somatic Practitioner

    Organ Rebalancing Advanced Practice

    In mijn werk combineer ik de kennis en vaardigheden die ik heb opgedaan in diverse opleidingen: psychologie van Jung bij stichting Odrerir, bewegingstherapie bij Patricia Bardi, astrologie bij stichting Achernar, systemisch werk/familieopstellingen bij Phoenix-opleidingen en de opleiding voor droomwerk bij Strephon Kaplan Williams.

    In mijn praktijk in Culemborg en op diverse plaatsen in het land leid ik droomwerkgroepen voor beginners en gevorderden en geef les in droomwerk. Daarnaast begeleid ik mensen in individuele consulten, waarbij per e-mail of telefonisch met een droom werken ook tot de mogelijkheden hoort. Verder geef ik voordrachten en lessen op het gebied van Jungiaanse psychologie en begeleid ik familieopstellingen en groepen met astrologische activiteiten.

  • Aina 25 maart 2015

    Aina Merethe Scheerhoorn


    Mauritsstraat 44
    The Netherlands


    VMI Somatic Movement Educator & Bodywork Practitioner, Organ Rebalancing Advanced Practice

    Specialty Teacher for Oriental / Middle Eastern Dance and Egyptian Folklore

    Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator at ISMETA

    Aina is an experienced dance teacher, performer, and choreographer, with roots of realistic & physical theatre. She gives weekly classes Active Breath & Floor Work. She maintains a private practice working with VMI Bodywork. She actively combining movement with the deepening process of bodywork to stimulate and organize the body’s physical-perceptual & -emotional awareness. One of her unique qualities is that she brings somatic practices into the traditional Oriental Dance. Aina is certified Specialty Teacher for Oriental/ Middle Eastern Dance & Egyptian Folklore. She is a registered somatic movement therapist/educator through  ISMETA; International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association.

  • Mabel 20160814_162822

    Mabel Kwan

    Hong Kong

    One Pilates Studio
    12th fl., Shiu Fung Hong Bldg.,
    239-241 Wing Lok St.,
    Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


    VMI Somatic Practitioner

    Gyrotonics Teacher

    Pilates Teacher

    I’ve been practicing and teaching Pilates and Gyrotonic for more than 20 years in

    Canada and Hong Kong. Integrating VMI somatic movement in the last 8 years

    has enriched my own practice and has allowed me to tap deeper into the way I

    work with my clients, observing the body’s innate language and supporting the

    changes in a harmonious way. I currently reside in Hong Kong and  work with

    clients from all walks of life and from all range of ages and physical conditions

    in both private and group settings.

  • Katsura DSC1358-Edit

    Katsura Isobe


    10-12 Gaskin Street
    Islington, London
    07960 906781


    Katsura promotes health, wellbeing and creativity as Certified VMI Somatic Pracitioner, ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Educator & Therapist, CSTA Registered Craniosacral Therapist and fully-qualified Pilates Teacher.

    As VMI Somatic Practitioner, Katsura facilitates movement based workshops that often involve voice and art. We use movement, touch, sound and verbal dialogue to listen deeply to our personal internal body feeling. A workshop is specifically designed for a certain group of people such as older people, visually impaired adults, young fine artists and university dance students.

    Katsura also offers bodywork informed by VMI bodywork and Craniosacral Therapy at her practice in Islington, central London.

  • 1444295515

    Yumino Seki



  • IMG_8495

    Hanna Maria Trap


    Islington, London


    I am working as an applied theatre practitioner with groups of all ages and backgrounds, creating safe and stimulating environments for people to meet, share and reflect; using voice, movement, images, stories and games; inviting people to be agents for change in their own lives as well as in society. I am also working one-to-one with individuals wanting to explore their body-mind and experience more relaxation and vitality. VMI Somatic Practice informs my work on every level; from how I understand safety, creativity and change, to how I shape group exercises, to how I use touch and observation in one-to-one bodywork sessions.

  • img_0569

    Korana Daic


    Krvavici 23
    52206 Marcana


    VMI Certified Somatic Practitioner, somatic movement educator,
    VMI Bodyworker

    Movement Lab is working with movement, sound, dance, and authentic expression.
    Education is based on principles of VMI Somatic Movement Practice, an integrative somatic practice actively combining voice and movement with the deepening process of bodywork to stimulate and organize the body’s physical-perceptual-emotional awareness.
    Movement Lab offers somatic movement workshops, individual guidance, and VMI bodywork and movement education for children, adults, and professionals.

  • Mioko Org Reb

    Mioko Yoshihara


    KABASHIMA-MACHI 6-16 2nd floor


    Dancer, Certified VMI practitioner, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (ISMETA)

    Intelligence of body and elegance of organic movement in improvisation have been the souce of my interest and fascination, which led me through my career as a professional dancer, a dance/movement teacher and as a bodyworker.

    Besides applying the principles of VMI somatic practice in moving as a professional dancer, I offer individual VMI bodywork sessions combined with cranio-sacral therapy, as well as teaching dance and movement lessons to adults and children.

  • Francesca B

    Francesca Bracelli


    Movement Retraining Center
    Pompenburg 392
    3032 EM Rotterdam
    The Netherlands


    BATC Natuurgeneeskunding Therapeut

    VMI Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator

    ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist


    Francesca is certified GYROKINESIS® & GYROTONIC® trainer, Voice Movement Integration educator, VMI Bodywork practitioner, ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist and BATC Licensed Natural Health Practitioner.
    In my bodywork practice I welcome people of any age that want to relieve body pain, emotional imbalance and stress related dysfunctions.
    Those are the people that want to find a new way to deal with their professional or personal challenges; people that wants to feel more in contact with themselves and be in tune with their thought, feeling and emotion.

    People choose VMI Bodywork to help relieve stress, muscular tension, pain, headaches, digestive conditions, menstruation discomfort and many more physical conditions.

  • Caroline

    Caroline Wittebol


    The Netherlands
    Bel 035 - 60 26 385
    of 06 - 57 76 30 33


    Na jarenlang in de zorg te hebben gewerkt, leek het me wijs om ook eens aandacht te gaan besteden aan mezelf om meer met wat ik nodig heb in balans te komen.

    Waar ik toen mee begonnen ben is het volgen van de vierjarige opleiding “V.M.I.” Somatic Practice van Patricia Bardi, V.M.I. staat voor Vital Movement Integration.

    Door gedegen kennis te maken en door te begrijpen hoe ons lichaam werkt op anatomisch gebied en hoe de werking is van de natuurlijke processen in ons lichaam én door te ontdekken welke invloeden onze emotionele processen op ons lichaam hebben, kunnen we leren een nieuwe relatie aan te gaan met ons lichaam.

    V.M.I. maakt gebruik van dans, van beweging, van de ademhaling, van de stem en van improvisatie, alsook van fysieke patronen: de ontwikkelingspatronen van onze bewegingen.

    Door veranderingen in te zetten in onze beweegpatronen kan er meer mobiliteit plaatsvinden en ook door het stimuleren van de werking van ons zenuwstelsel en van onze organen komt ons lichaam meer in evenwicht.

    Na de V.M.I. opleiding ben ik een verdiepende stap gaan maken in het werken met de organen, ik heb de vervolgopleiding gedaan: de “Organ Rebalancing”.

    Om me beter te scholen heb ik de Medische Basis Kennis gedaan, H.B.O. en de Psychosociale Basis Kennis.

    Waar ik naar toe werk is naar de registratie als Somatische Bewegings Therapeut en naar verdiepende integratie van mindfulness in mijn dagelijks leven.

    In 2017 ben ik opgeleid tot Mindfulnesstrainer en momenteel studeer ik aan het Centrum voor Mindfulness voor de categorie 1 kwalificatie.

    Mediteren doe ik al veel langer, sinds 1990 kan mijn dag niet zonder meditatie van start gaan.

  • Loriana

    Loriana Favro


    Den Haag


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