Active Breath

Active Breath is a series of guided movement sequences using whole body breathing & sound directly with physical awareness & movement. The practice builds progressively from refined, slow, attentive movement patterns aligned with breath, spine & eye movements and evolves sequentially into more whole body rhythms moving actively in space.

Active Breath brings physical awareness into an attentive state of being alive & engaged in ones breath and movement experience.

Voice travels on our breath and awakens the whole body. Circulating energetic breath flow through the body vitalizes our movement enhancing the body’s potential for moving the sounding body fully & actively.

In the primary series the Active Breath movement sequence is laid out in a detailed informative, integrative practice.

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Active Breath – Series 1

This is a trailer for the first Active Breath educational video.

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Series 1 – The Primary Sequence

This series focuses on:

  • Coordinating the location of inhalation in the body’s torso with the flow of exhalation moving through the body,
  • Balancing the alignment of the skeletal structure from spine, rib cage & pelvis to the periphery of the limbs.
  • Connecting the organs’ sense of support for pelvic & thoracic diaphragmatic breathing.
  • Identifying central & peripheral breathing patterns.
  • Integrating essential developmental movement patterns.
  • Activating blood circulatory flow to nourish & cleanse on a cellular level through rhythmic energetic breathing.
  • Understanding breath awareness as a guide for following sensation of movement flow within the body.
  • Developing whole body breathing as a support for integrating the voice as a moving force through the body & as a living force actively moving in space.