Organ Rebalancing


Organ Rebalancing is a light, precise bodywork technique that integrates the awareness of the organs into a whole-body movement experience. The hands-on practice guides the internal organs regaining normal mobility and tone, as it supports the vital balance of the skeletal structure and autonomic nervous system. It facilitates deeper more balanced breathing and improves postural integration.

This approach helps connect body, mind and emotions and brings a renewed sense of well-being through the entire body.

The principles and practices of this bodywork method combine hands-on practice and physical repatterning skills with an active approach to movement and sound.


Organ Rebalancing Principles

Located within the torso the organ system provides a dynamic vitality coordinating our biological life sustaining functions. The autonomic nervous system regulates the organs’ biological processes subconsciously without a person’s conscious effort. There is an interactive supporting relationship between the vitality, volume & mobility of the organs and the postural balance of the skeletal structure.

The Autonomic Nervous System consisting of the sympathetic & parasympathetic systems stimulates, modulates and inhibits the functioning of the organs maintaining our homeostatic inner functioning balance.

The sympathetic nervous system (flight/fright response) extends from the brain & central nervous to the organs moving along the nerve tracks to the periphery of the limbs and skin. The parasympathetic nervous system (recuperation/digestion) extends from the brain and central nervous system traveling along nerve tracks exclusively to the organs. Rebalance of the organ system with the autonomic nervous system directly affects the homeostatic balance of the body.

The organs’ volume & inner movement in the torso provides a bridge between the functional structural movement of bones & core muscles and the subtle life sustaining energies of biological inner movement. This interactive bridge creates a dialogue between our conscious (voluntary) and unconscious (involuntary) functions & behaviors. Opening this communication provides a bridge to profound, subtle physical, mental & emotional energies sustaining our awareness & aliveness.

The organs are energetically distinctive in physical sensation providing a quality change in our perception of attention & intention in body and breath awareness, ease of movement coordination and flow and enhances our sense of vitality & aliveness.

Sound creates inner tone for stimulating and supporting the organs’ presence. The organs’ affinity for sound embraces physical vibration through resonance and location of tone & pitch within the torso. The feeling and presence of physical vibration in the body is a direct relationship to resonance of sound. This invites a sense of ease and fluidity moving through the entire body.

Organ Rebalancing includes sound in the hands-on practice and guided movement sequences and offers an essential vital experience of cellular presence. Through receptivity & relaxation, held patterns of tension in the body are encouraged to open and feel more energized and spacious. This opens our perceptions through the entire body influencing our sense of integration and well being.