VMI Somatic Practice


Voice Movement Integration (VMI) Somatic Practice is an integrative process building upon the dual function of insight and healing fostered by connecting movement and sound through the body deepening the effect on the integration of body, mind and emotions.

Well defined vocal and physical somatic practices explore in detail the anatomy & physiology of each body system. This becomes a source for identifying and qualifying resonance and vibration of sound and movement within the body experience.


Vital Movement Integration (VMI) Bodywork protocols are defined in detail using touch and physical repatterning and include both physical and vocal practices. The bodywork experience deepens our awareness and enhances our sensory experience. These observational skills provide nuance and precision to our perception, understanding and expression.

Sound illuminates and vitalizes physical presence in the body by synchronizing sensory awareness with expressive movement. By using essential qualities of tone, rhythm, color and texture, the vibratory nature of sound moves fluidly through the body highlighting one’s inner sense of flow and feeling.

The body can perceive more subtle, defined layers of awareness as the sound guides one to a fuller more aligned sense of self in movement. This connection is further deepened through Vocal Dance & Improvisation—vocalizing and moving within a group creates a celebratory experience of being vitally alive. Combining somatic practice with dynamic expressive sources inspires the role of the individual in the collective work of the ensemble.

By aligning self discovery, creativity and communication, improvisation then becomes a skill and a philosophy.