Edited version of a Vocal Dance & Music Performance with Patricia Bardi & pianist, Alex Maguire in Amsterdam - Muiderpoort Theater, 1996.
Breath as a tool in Performance
Artist Talk at National Center for Performing Arts, Netherlands sponsored by ArtEZ Theaterschool, Arnhem, the Netherlands
Portrait of the Artist – Pune, India 1982
In 1982, Patricia Bardi received a theatre performance research grant from the Arts Council of Great Britain studying North Indian vocal music. Grewal included Bardi’s performance in Pune, India with an interview about her research in voice & dance.
Interview with Patricia Bardi
Interview on Vocal Dance - performance practice with Patricia Bardi & Michael Oliver, at VMI Center, Amsterdam, May 2016
Active Breath Trailer
This trailer outlines the Active Breath approach to combining breath, movement & voice through guided movement sequences. The trailer is an introduction to a educational video that can be followed to practice Active Breath at home.
The Presence of the Organs in Dancing
The Presence of the Organs in Dancing